Tuesday, September 27, 2011

so pinterested.

So I have been seeing tons of people posting and talking about Pinterest all over, and I finally decided I had to see what the big deal was about. Well...it's a-mazing!! It's like being able to organize your brain right in front of you on multiple bulletin boards. The best part is that you can share things that you like or are inspired by, and you can see what inspires others..and then, if it inspires you, you just "re-pin" it to your board. The DIY projects that I have found so far...to die for! Especially this cute doily lamp that looks so easy to do. I think that it's definitely a "girly" website, if you will, with all the fashion, DIY projects, and quotes...:) I am getting so many ideas for my room, which I am going to change here soon. So I'll give you a little peek of what I've got on some of my boards! Of course, feel free to look me up if you want to see more :)

Pictures from this weekend's Oktoberfest at the Crescent Moon tomorrow! :)

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