Sunday, September 4, 2011

birds of a feather.

Lately I've been obsessing about feathers. I bought my first feather earrings right before I left for the summer, and have since acquired two other sets! I love that they are so lightweight to wear but add an interesting twist to my outfit. And since I wasn't really into putting a feather into my own hair like everybody else, it was a nice alternative.

The green pair are currently my favorite...since I have so many neutrals in my wardrobe, it's definitely a nice change to add such a bright color. I bought them in Munich at this cute boutique that I wish I could find online...but it is looking like I won't be able to get anything from there until I go back. :(

I have been searching forever for a small clutch to take out because I'm not a big fan of cross-body purses (the bigger the purse is, the more I carry). I could not find anything I liked anywhere, even in Europe, until I was shopping in Von Maur a couple of days ago and found the best Ralph Lauren clutch! It is the cutest shade of taupe and I love it! It is going to go so well with all my gold jewelry and I basically just built around it for my birthday outfit. :) The best part? The fall collection of purses is just coming in and everything is on sale, so I basically feel like I stole this with the discount that I got!

Pictures from my weekend are coming soon! So nice to have the extra day this week...Happy Labor Day!

ALSO, I am absolutely excited because I found out the best news...starting Wednesday, Zara will be available to shop and order online in the USA!! Now, if only H&M would follow...

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