Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This last weekend was Oktoberfest at the Crescent Moon/ Huber Haus in Omaha. It's always a pretty big event, and I only got to go for a really short while last year. Meaning...I was super excited to go this year! There were so many people I had to wait in line about a half hour, but it was definitely worth it! I bought a Spaten stein (liter) to drink my beer from. There was so many different types of beer to choose from, but I ended up drinking a Spaten Dunkel- so yummy! They also had shots, wine, and Jaeger, but since I had the liter of beer, that was really enough for me. :) I met up with a few of my friends, and of course my German-speaking friends Beau and Igor. Also got to see my friends Julie and Nick, who I haven't seen in forever! Such a nice surprise. It was a really fabulous time, lots of fun music, some delicious food (pretzels and cheese noodles...yum), and great beer. The night ended with a run to Burger King for some fries and ice cream, pretty classic. :) But the whole night made me wish I was in Munich for the real Oktoberfest...well, maybe next year!

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