Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

new year's resolutions.

Ah, the infamous New Year's resolutions- changes people promise to keep and yet come mid-March find themselves dangerously close to the same spot they were in before the beginning of the year. Hopefully posting my New Year's resolutions this year will help me keep to them better than I have in the past. :)

Happy New Year's to all!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

end of the year jitters.

So I've been so busy with Christmas and everything lately that I haven't really had a chance to blog much. But on the plus side, I have taken quite a few Instagram photos that I would love to share. Hopefully it explains my absence well. :)

[1- All my hard work paid off! Graduated from Creighton][2- My sister thought she would be funny and get me a "bag of coal" since I am always threatening to do that to her...she's got guts.][3- Creighton in the only snowfall we've had all winter, the campus looked so pretty!][4- Some photobooth pictures with my Germans at the movies.][5- The cutest seasonal candy bowl that I bought and am currently loving for chocolates.][6- My gift from Iwan before he and Lina left for Germany, really sad day.][7- I've been to the bowling alley a lot lately, to help my sister practice and with my friends.][8- Getting ready for Christmas Eve midnight Mass which my sister served, had to drink lots of coffee that night to stay awake!][9- My new obsession, Dexter. Is it so bad to stay up all night watching it? Not even sorry about it.][10- Doing my best to learn German. Not going too bad, it makes me happy every time I can remember what I learned the day before. :)][11- Our Christmas tree at our house, my mom always does an amazing job decorating.][12- My favorite Christmas tradition- sugar cookies! Decorated by my younger sisters.]

Getting ready for my annual "New Year's Resolutions" list...I'll definitely be posting it here so that I can finally be held accountable to it. Maybe I'll actually do everything on the list this year :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

work hard, play harder.

This past week was filled with scrambling to adequately finish my final paper and presentation for my capstone Spanish class, but I finally did it! In the nick of time. My final presentation on Friday went basically amazing (with the help of some homemade cookies for the class), and now all that's left is a class dinner at my professor's house and then graduation! :)

Saturday was an amazing night! We went out to dinner at Brewburger on 72nd and Pacific, and even though I didn't get anything to eat (I had already cooked earlier), it was a pretty nice place- so much bigger on the inside than it looks! Then we had a really fun night at Austin's, just some tippy cup, foosball, and random dancing. Such a great way to start Christmas break!

Also, happy 27th anniversary to the best parents ever :) they have truly taught me what love is (sorry, sorry, I know I'm being cheesy...but it's true!).