Wednesday, December 14, 2011

work hard, play harder.

This past week was filled with scrambling to adequately finish my final paper and presentation for my capstone Spanish class, but I finally did it! In the nick of time. My final presentation on Friday went basically amazing (with the help of some homemade cookies for the class), and now all that's left is a class dinner at my professor's house and then graduation! :)

Saturday was an amazing night! We went out to dinner at Brewburger on 72nd and Pacific, and even though I didn't get anything to eat (I had already cooked earlier), it was a pretty nice place- so much bigger on the inside than it looks! Then we had a really fun night at Austin's, just some tippy cup, foosball, and random dancing. Such a great way to start Christmas break!

Also, happy 27th anniversary to the best parents ever :) they have truly taught me what love is (sorry, sorry, I know I'm being cheesy...but it's true!).

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