Thursday, December 29, 2011

end of the year jitters.

So I've been so busy with Christmas and everything lately that I haven't really had a chance to blog much. But on the plus side, I have taken quite a few Instagram photos that I would love to share. Hopefully it explains my absence well. :)

[1- All my hard work paid off! Graduated from Creighton][2- My sister thought she would be funny and get me a "bag of coal" since I am always threatening to do that to her...she's got guts.][3- Creighton in the only snowfall we've had all winter, the campus looked so pretty!][4- Some photobooth pictures with my Germans at the movies.][5- The cutest seasonal candy bowl that I bought and am currently loving for chocolates.][6- My gift from Iwan before he and Lina left for Germany, really sad day.][7- I've been to the bowling alley a lot lately, to help my sister practice and with my friends.][8- Getting ready for Christmas Eve midnight Mass which my sister served, had to drink lots of coffee that night to stay awake!][9- My new obsession, Dexter. Is it so bad to stay up all night watching it? Not even sorry about it.][10- Doing my best to learn German. Not going too bad, it makes me happy every time I can remember what I learned the day before. :)][11- Our Christmas tree at our house, my mom always does an amazing job decorating.][12- My favorite Christmas tradition- sugar cookies! Decorated by my younger sisters.]

Getting ready for my annual "New Year's Resolutions" list...I'll definitely be posting it here so that I can finally be held accountable to it. Maybe I'll actually do everything on the list this year :)

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