Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bier und Wein, I mean Wien...

Vienna! One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, even if I didn't get to spend as much time as I liked there. But okay, I am jumping way ahead of myself here. First is breakfast in Kufstein with Markus, whose mother brought me all this food and gave me some water with this...flavored syrup? It was delicious. We chilled for a while at his house, picked up his friend Rene, and drove to Vienna to meet our friend Mathias. The friend of my Austrian friends, Florian, was nice enough to let us stay at his apartment that weekend while we were in Vienna. We took some time to walk around and met up with Mathias. While they were showing me some sights, including the art museums and the main shopping street, we ran into a bachelorette party that wanted to shine the guys' shoes and give a kiss on the cheek for 3 Euro...of course, a couple of them obliged. :)

We went to dinner to get some traditional Austrian food...I finally tried wiener schnitzel, definitely as delicious as everyone says it is, although really filling. The waitress gave me a menu in German, and since none of my amazing, German-speaking friends thought to translate for me, I ordered the only thing I had heard of. :) After a really great dinner (I found a beer I love and miss dearly- Stiegl), we went back to Florian's to take some of the jello shots we made which ended up being really strong and slightly hard to eat. Anyway, we changed and went out to a couple of different clubs that night, including one that had a huge dance floor in the middle playing generic pop music and other smaller dance floors playing different types of music (rap, country, etc.). We got to watch the sun rise over Vienna, which made the buildings look stunning in the quiet morning light. After getting a few hours of sleep, we got back together at Tel Aviv Beach, this great place overlooking the river in Vienna, and I ordered some really yummy falafel and fries.

We didn't have too much time in Vienna the next day because we did have to drive back (Markus was nice enough to offer to drop me off in Salzburg on the way). In Austria, they apparently have these websites where you post where you are driving to/from, and if someone wants to ride with you they are able to message you in order to carpool. It's all about being eco-conscious and saving gas and what not. I thought it was kind of a brilliant idea, but maybe since the US is so big, it would kind of hard to implement. So the car ride was uneventful, other than lots of German being spoken...I was sad to leave my friends, but I knew I'd see them again the next week so I was so excited to get to Salzburg! :)

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