Friday, September 16, 2011

english obsession.

Heidi and I, being as shopping obsessed as we both are, can definitely vouch for the fact that London had some of the most amazing fashion in all of Europe. Everyone always thinks of Paris and Milan as the fashion capitals of Europe, but London fashion is seriously amazing- sheek, mostly neutral colors, and everyone has great day-to-night looks. I also love that there is so much openness to mixing fabrics, prints, and colors- totally fearless. Eleanor was so super nice and sent me some great suggestions for shopping in the UK, Topshop and Republic. There are so many amazing leather pieces out there which I love, even though I'm always wearing about wearing leather out myself...Eleanor says that it's basically all the rage at H & M.

Also, I just have to specify after talking to Heidi...this clothing doesn't have to be worn as shown in the picture, sometimes you have to use a little imagination to take a plain piece to amazing! Heidi is always hating on some shirts that I buy until she sees how they can be worn, and they magically disappear from my closet...

Obsessed with skirts that I can wear a little higher on my waist, I think that they look really cute with pumps.

I am loving those bracelets on the left, but I seriously wish that they came in gold. And that elephant ring!! How could you even pass that up.

Fall is my favorite time to shop for clothes!

Just a little Heidi-Cayla story...
We were shopping the other day at this shop called Marshall's which sells brand name clothing for less. We decide on 4 shirts- yes, we generally buy clothing together- and when we go to the counter to pay, we split it two and two, one of mine being a white Abercrombie long-sleeve shirt for only $9.99. We get home and are sitting at the table watching TV when Heidi says...

"By the way, you know that white shirt we just bought..."
"...uh, yeah?"
"That was your birthday present."

Yes. The white shirt that I just paid for.
Why was I not even surprised by that. Classic.

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