Thursday, September 8, 2011

it's all about zara.

Just a quick post today because I have been very busy. School, work, doing a major cleaning overhaul in the house (yes, I am actually cleaning the house)...but can I at least say that I am so so crazy worked up because I can finally shop online at Zara today! I already have several things on my wishlist...but I always like to wait a few days and come back to it to make sure that I really like it. In the store, I'm such an impulsive buyer so sometimes I buy things too quickly and don't end up liking it as much as I originally thought...bad for my closet and my bank account. But I love fall clothes so I'm kind of in love with everything...ah, the decisions will be hard to make.  I'm also really excited because I got the cutest gold-pink Orly nail polish...there is nothing like a little glitter to brighten my day. :)

And I have a really great announcement to make..many congrats to my cousin Sara and her husband Tim, who have just had their second daughter, Clara!! I have the biggest soft spot for any and all babies, so I cannot wait to meet her!

Just a little preview...I am so happy to say that my English friend Eleanor that I met while abroad is helping me with my next post! She has lots of new fashion and music from "across the pond" that I'm writing about...already listened to all of the music and I am obsessed!! Don't get me started on the fashion, London was almost too much too handle- everyone was well-dressed and stunning so I am glad to have a few new places to look.

Have an amazing day! For all those in Omaha- go out an enjoy the amazing weather we are having !!

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