Monday, September 26, 2011

the hills are alive with the sound of music...

After my really fun weekend in Vienna, my friend Markus drove me out to Salzburg, the home of the movie "The Sound of Music." I was pretty apprehensive about staying here because I decided to stay for three nights even though I wasn't exactly sure what I could see out there, but I had heard it was an amazing city. Another big problem...I had never seen "The Sound of Music." Ever. But when I got to my hostel (which was actually really amazing, more like a hotel than a hostel), there was a showing of the movie that night so I finally got to see it. Kind of a surreal moment, to be in the place this movie was shot...

The next day I got a lot of little things done...went and explored the Altstadt for a while by myself, and finally did a huge ton of laundry that I had needed to do. I mean, at this point I had gone about two weeks without doing any laundry and everything smelled like suitcase...terrible. But in the process, I met some really cool people from the States that I hung out with, and also two English girls, Alice and Eleanor. We went and explored the city the next day, seeing the all the sights from the movie, also getting some amazing view from the castle. Of course we found a nice place to drink beer on the way up to see the castle. :) We also decided to go to this convent/church that had a beer garden with was ironic, and funny, and really fun all at the same time. We walked through this really beautiful of the best things I loved about Austria, there was a lot of nature to be seen compared to some of the other cities (Rome, London, etc.). There was also so much stuff related to Mozart because Salzburg was his birthplace!

On our way down from the castle the second time, we saw this really hilarious enlarged chess set (which of course reminded us of Harry Potter) and what looked like a man standing on top of a moving ball...but it turned out to statue. Embarassment ensued...haha :) Then we went to this really cute Afro-cafe that I loved, it had the most delicious mixed drinks and food! We walked the streets for a while, which really made me see Salzburg in a more...local way, I think. Even though it is a little smaller than a city I would ever actually live in, it was still definitely one of the most fabulous cities in Europe- in a way, it reminded me a little bit of the Midwest. Just a feeling. Anyway, then I came back to the hostel and hung out for a while with my new American friends.!

The next day, I headed back to Munich to do some more exploring!. :)

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