Monday, August 8, 2011

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)?

So since my trip is all finished, the blog is going to kind of change its direction. I'll still continue to post on our summer travels and my solo trip (since there is still tons to tell) but we are expanding what we are writing about! We'll include the yummy food we come across and recipes for what we cook, fashion that we are into and see on the streets (although in Nebraska, I'm not sure how much of that we'll actually come across...), and anything else we become interested in.

But as for more travels, Heidi and I decided to travel to France over our puente with one of our friends from the program, Jackie. The night before we left, we went to this amazing bullfight which was very gory with all the stabbing of the bulls, but such an intriguing experience. Then an early flight to Paris the next morning with Ryanair, who is cheap but a bit scary considering they play music for every flight they land safely. Yikes. We had some trouble with our hostel (BVJ Louvre), who overbooked and told us that our reservation didn't mean anything and that we had to find somewhere else to stay our second night in Paris, which made Heidi very very angry (she was giving her Lily death stare, for all the HIMYM fans out there), although we ended up being able to stay. The location was ideal and we walked everywhere in Paris! By far the most romantic city in that we visited in Europe...hopefully someday we will be walking the streets with our husbands and boyfriends. :)  
in front of the arc de triomphe with Bianca, who we met in the hostel

in front of the Moulin Rouge (we were standing on top of this fan and so our hair was blowing everywhere!)
drinking some moscato in our hostel, so typical

Heidi and Jackie, out for some crepes at lunch
laughing the night away!
Notre Dame, only a 5 minute walk from our hostel :)
at Sacre Couer, the most incredible view of Paris
outside the Louvre
my bank account took a serious hit on this street
the eiffel tower!
the guys that were selling souveniors on the streets heard the police were coming and so they ran (very very fast) across the street to escape
at the bullfight the night before Paris
using some free wifi from Le Metro, our favorite little cafe. or in Jackie's case, roaming.

red lips!

The nights out in Paris were very fun! Although a little expensive (7 Euro for a beer?!). But we met some fun people in our hostel both nights to hang out with and have a good time, even a few Spaniards and Mexicans to keep practicing our Spanish on. :) And of course, we drank some delicious wine to start both of our nights in Paris! Unfortunately, we also had a few experiences with French prejudice against Americans (particularly on the metro), but we tried not to let it get us down. I think by the end of our trip, though, we were definitely ready to be back in Sevilla.

Well, 4:00 AM has arrived very, very fast, so I think that my bed is calling my name!
Goodnight :)

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