Saturday, August 27, 2011

ciao bella, amore mio

So after we missed our train to Florence because we were a bit confused by the train schedule, I managed to talk a very sweet guy at trenitalia into giving me first class tickets on a later train... :) even though we didn't even get to use them because we got stuck in the aisle of the train along with many other people. Once we got into Florence, we took the evening to explore the city and see the famed Duomo, so beautiful! We walked through a street market with tons of clothes, purses, and jewelry...I wish that we had these in Omaha! And of course we treated ourselves to some more amazing pasta. We met the cutest American kid on the steps of the Duomo. He was studying Italian, only 16 and traveling all by himself! My friends and I talked with him for about an hour and he was just the sweetest thing. We had the most awkward moment when we told him we were going out for some gelato and no one invited him, and literally a minute after we left him we all felt so bad about it so we went back to tell him to come with us and we saw that he was getting gelato himself. It was so depressing and we felt so guilty...Karma did come back to get us, though. We went to get our own gelato, and we randomly pick a place. My friend Sarah picks the biggest cone thinking it will be 5 or 6 was 10 Euro! But the cute Italian boy serving us made up for the price :)

The next day we walked around the city, went to see the David (which was so impressive, I was so taken aback), Piazza della Signoria, walked along some of the famous bridges in Florence including Ponte Vecchio, and finally got to see the most breathtaking view from the top of city in Piazzale Michelangelo. We also saw some of the locks of love, which I absolutely love seeing! Especially in Italy, it's so romantic. We went out that night and just walked around, where I happened to run into a Spanish family sitting on the steps of Santa Croce and chatted with them for about half hour about Spain...oh the things that wine does to you. Some Greek women tried to steal my map from me in the street, but one of my friends was nice enough to run after her and retrieve it- that's true friendship. By the end of the night we were really craving some food but we could not find a single place! Except for one who tried to pawn off some old old pizza for maybe 10 Euros- no thanks :)

Then it's off to Rome!

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