Friday, August 12, 2011

just loving those nebraska drivers.

No one in Omaha can drive.

Seriously, no one.

This is a given fact at this point, I think, for anyone who has lived in or even driven through Omaha. Having lived in Europe for the summer, it is kind of stunning when you get back on the road for the first time. Not that I drove in Europe -please, like anyone would be dumb enough to let me- but I was with other people who were driving, and it seemed like the rules of the road were pretty clear. Left lane = fast lane, everyone else get out of the way. They actually used their blinkers and remembered to turn them off after they've switched lanes (more Asian jokes probably running through your mind). They knew how to drive with bicyclers on the Amsterdam, there were probably more bikes than people. But Omaha? No. Like today, when someone thought it would be a brilliant idea to cut me off as I was trying to change lanes on my way to work. Okay, maybe I was speeding, but that's irrelevant... :)
...and there's a story that someone reminded me of recently.
So, one morning I am driving to my morning class at Creighton, and for whatever reason I happen to be on 72nd and Maple in the left turning lane, trying to get onto Maple. It's a red light, so obvi I'm just dancing away to some music in my car, and finally the turn light is green. So, I'm ready to make my move...and the car in front of me isn't going. I wait a couple of seconds (maybe he/she was texting, something I'm definitely guilty of)...and nothing. The light goes back to red, and now I'm angry -I don't even get angry that easily, but bad drivers really get me. It was the morning, I was going to class, and I had forgotten my coffee...not a good combination. So at the next green signal, there was no one next to me so I decided to drive around this car, and I looked in to give a mean look...and this woman is ASLEEP at the wheel! In a running car! Head back on the seat like nobody's business. I honked a few times as I passed her and I hope it woke her up because I didn't wait around to see. I was so worked up that I told basically everyone that day about this and...anyway, the point is, no one in Omaha knows how to drive.

And I have a little apology, I didn't have time to take any pictures because I was at the lake all day yesterday getting tan :), so here's a little preview of a couple of the things I bought!

pretty pink and gold ring from Forever 21, kind of plain but I am loving gold lately and the pink is such a cute shade. Thinking about back and getting the turquoise version of this.

cutest little gold bow ring from Forever 21, I have been searching for one for such a long time

Dancing Waters body lotion and body wash from Bath and Body Works, my absolute favorite scent that I have been dying without in Europe, it is so fresh with a little bit of floral in it, perfect for summer! It's just yummy.

Tons of work today and then a night out with best friends tonight! Have a fabulous Friday! :)

PS- I found this really fun video on Youtube of the Forever 21 3D runway show in Brussels...pretty amazing technology being used!

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