Tuesday, October 4, 2011

fashion and food.

Forever XXI is essentially one of my favorite shopping places at the moment. Since I always like to wait a while before buying anything online because it's much harder to return items, I like having a place that I can just pop into and almost always find some cute shirt or piece of jewelry that is super affordable (although I am forever buying too much from that store). Heidi and I recently went there when we were doing our usual mall crawl and I found some really great stuff, including this new shirt!

I am obsessing over statement necklaces right now, there have been some amazing pieces on Etsy and in beyourself that I want but am trying to resist! The one in my picture was on sale at Charlotte Russe...I love the gold and turquoise together.

Just thought I'd share a cute little story with you today. So I was at work tonight and, as usual, there were tons of little kids running around. A little boy (probably around 7 or 8 years old) came up to the register and asked for quarters for his five dollar bill...so as I was counting out the quarters for him, I said "Well, you have to tell me whose face is on the quarter first!" He looks at me for about 3 seconds, and then he makes a really scrunched up face, starts sobbing suddenly and goes running back to his mom yelling "THE LADY WON'T GIVE ME QUARTERS"...

I was embarassed, to say the least. Never telling that joke again.

(In case anyone wants to know, it's George Washington. Wonder how many people don't know that...)

Also, I have two recipes that I want to try sometime this week...they look absolutely delish.

And Gina and I discovered the absolute cutest sushi place downtown with fresh sushi and really cute decor...more pictures of that later! Happy Tuesday! :)

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