Monday, October 10, 2011

birthdays and epic comebacks.

What an amazing weekend! The only thing that could make this weekend better is if the Detroit Lions step up tonight and get a win against those Chicago Bears! :)

Friday night was so was work as usual, but then time to celebrate my friend Mariana's birthday! We went downtown and spent the night at Stiles, with some tequila, like a real Latina as she would say. It was so busy, they reached capacity for the first time ever when I've been there. Later I did go to Capitol to dance, only to get ditched for some Pepperjack's...rough! But still an awesome night, getting all dressed up with some red lipstick is my favorite thing!

Saturday I just worked a short lunch shift so I could go down to Lincoln and do some tailgating. I saw so many friends! And made a lot of new ones...But the best was getting to see my German friend Sebastian who's in town for a couple of weeks. This is the first time I've ever been on the Indian reservation in Lincoln, it got pretty crazy to say the least. Apparently leggings are the only acceptable form of pant at this place, so my gray jeans kind of stuck out. The game was crazy- so bad...but then so unbelievable!! Who knew Taylor Martinez could pull out something like that? And of course, Rex Burkhead...he is always the man. Always! The celebrating at Old Chicago was the best part and I spotted a Ron Jeremy look alike there...although my photo is really bad of it. Tons of fun downtown after the game, dancing, celebrating, high-fiving in the streets... The only bad part? Having to drive home at 4 in the morning. But it was soo worth it, what a fun time!

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