Tuesday, November 29, 2011

picture-crazy weekend.

Since it was such a long weekend, I got the chance to take tons of pictures. Wednesday night was tippy cup night, which never fails to produce a good time. It was such a nice way to start off the Thanksgiving weekend, especially considering I was on the winning team. :) As you saw the last post, Thanksgiving day was one big feast, and it ended with some friends out at DJ's Dugout. I thought about going out Black Friday shopping like Heidi did (crazy, traffic was terrible all night and day), but I got a super great surprise from my dad, who happened upon a friend selling Husker tickets for really cheap. So I got my butt up early with some friends and went down to Lincoln for the game! It was so fun, it's always the best when you can see a win. Rani and Lina got to see their first Husker football game ever, and Lina even had her first Runza ever (obvi, she loved it, everyone does).

Friday night was fancy dinner party night at Beau's house, we got all dressed up and brought out the wine bottles and black lights. We played a few card games (P and A...I was pretty terrible), danced, and basically had a crazy good time. Saturday was work as usual, made dinner with my baby sister, and went out for just a bit since it had been such a long weekend. But now it's back to the books...got to get my thesis paper all polished and what not. So close to the end of the year...can't wait! :)

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