Tuesday, November 1, 2011

halloween haunts.

Halloween is usually not one of my favorite holidays (I'm not a big fan of candy), but this weekend turned out to be pretty fun! Friday night was an crazy house party... definitely topped the same party my friends had last year. :) Sam, Heidi, and I went together, and we got to see and meet so many people with super fun costumes! I went as a "dark angel"... (someone thought it would be funny to comment that this wasn't really a costume, haha).  And even though Saturday did not go as originally planned, I still had an fantastic time downtown dressed as a "French maid", ending the night with some free bacon and pancakes. I forgot my camera Saturday , unfortunately, so no pictures from that night. :(

It was so so beautiful outside today that my sisters and I went to Standing Bear Lake to spend some time and take pictures. I can't believe it's already going to snow tomorrow. :( Althought that does mean I can break out my snow boots, which I love!

...and just a little something for laughs. :)

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