Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sorry. (London Part II)

Sorry for the delay! We have been traveling a LOT before our program started and we are finally in class today! So obvi, we are getting on the computer. :)

So. Our second day in London was as jam-packed as the first. After a late night of partying, Beau wakes up to go buy himself some OJ, after which he fell back asleep until we woke up about 40 minutes until our free walking tour. Needless to say, after we showered, etc., we were running to catch the tour (which we did). We saw so much stuff! Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Green Park, Parliament, and a lot more. We were lucky and got to see a "Changing of the Guards" ceremony outside of a different palace where it wasn't crowded. Also, Prez Obama was there and so it was extra crowded everywhere. Don't worry, he made time to stop by and see me. Heidi: "You're dumb." Anyway, we walked around for a bit and then headed to a pub to eat lunch again, it was super yummy! Then we went back to nap for a bit. But before that, we went to this grocery store Tesco to buy some stuff, which was pretty easy except for the fact that Beau decided to stick his money into the coupon slot instead of the money slot...I think the security guard was not amused at our American-ness.

Instead of doing a bar crawl, we decided to walk around London ourselves and go to see the Tower Bridge. Of course, we had some our infamous juice with us, and so we did a LOT of planking. Austin and I planked along the Thames River, while Beau planked on top of Heidi and Austin. Again, lots of vodka involved here. We also played the "What What" game, where we yell at people "Can I get a what what?!" and if they say it, everyone but the yeller drinks, and if they don't, then only the yeller drinks. We ran across of group of about 20 people who caught on to the game quickly and all started yelling "what what"....probably how our intoxication level rose substantially in about 20 minutes. We walked along the edge of the river for a while, where we came up with a new game. "Nuke, Immigrant, Cockroach", along the lines of "Rock Paper Scissors". We'll let you decide who wins against who in that game.

We finally got to the Tower Bridge and took pictures, and then we tried to find our way back. I apparently "forgot" we had taken pictures at the Tower Bridge, so when we ended up passing it again, I had to yell "THERE'S THE TOWER BRIDGE" and take pictures again. On the way back, Beau decided to ask a construction worker how to get back. Beau magically picked up a British accent in conversation. I think the construction worker was very impressed. We also saw some guy with a woman's purse (obviously stolen) close to the hostel. Beau was going to stop and say something to him, but eventually we convinced him not to...basically the first serious part of the trip.

We finally ended up back at the hostel, where Austin and Beau had to leave in about an hour and a half. When Beau woke up, he was not Beau. The amount of words coming from his mouth that actually made sense was...zero. ;) sorry Beau, we had to mention it!

So the next day, Heidi and I decided to eat at this place called "The Diner", where we ate some really good food! As we looked around, we realized two things. 1- we are the only Americans in the restaurant and 2- we are also the only customers with napkins. We acted like we were all offended at it, until one of Heidi's five napkins flew off of our table outside and into the restaurant. Yup- We iz American.

Later that night, when we went to dinner at this great Italian restaurant (can you tell I am enjoying the food?!), we were greeted in Italian and then the host asked "Table for two?", and I said "Si." Did he start speaking to me in Italian? Did I then become so embarassed and say that I only speak Spanish and English? Yes and Yes. Talk about embarassing.

The next day we headed to the airport where, annoyingly, we had to leave our corkscrews behind because apparently they are a weapon to AirEuropa, but not to Delta. Questionable... But at the airport we ate at this cafe called Pret a Manger, and it was DELICIOUS. I mean amazing. If you ever go to London, eat there. Yumm.

And now finally, on to Madrid! We'll post pictures later. :)

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