Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"I need to re-juice before we plank." -Beau (London Part I)

Well this is the first Heidi-written blog :)
We made it safe and sound to London, after couple things happened on our flight: 1) The priest sitting next to Cayla tried to convert her into being a nun.. HAHAHAHA. 2) i stole the captain's seat just so I could sit next to Cayla, awkkkwarddd! 3) the line at Heathrow was literally a mile long. no joke. and these 2 Asian guys tried to act like they didn't know where the line ended and cut in the middle of the line. No worries, I had no problem telling them "nuh uh the end of the line is waaaayy back there." can you say #WINNING ? some lady told me nice job on that.
 and then we took a bus to our hostel. Too bad the driver just dropped us off on the side of the road without telling us where to go..? No worries we ended up finding it. Minutes after we checked in, Beau and Austin came in! And so the adventure begins...

We went to Shakespeare's Head Pub and Cayla orders a whole freaking pitcher of Pimm's (this fruity drink), yummm. Cayla ate some traditional fish & chips, which she said she surprisingly liked. So I'm looking for a spicy fix since I am being deprived of flamin hot cheetos, and guess what. NOBODY IN LONDON EATS SPICY FOOD WHATSOEVER. seriously, we searched for any type of spicy food, and faiiill. We CLASSILY walked around London with jugs of "vitamin juice" aka gin & juice. which we later found out is NOT illegal fyi. We decided it would only be fun to have a wandering drinking game, so we came up with "Morganing" (patent currently pending for Austin). Morganing is basically everytime you stop and drink, you must make the Captain Morgan pose, if not, you drink dubs. It's funny how often we forgot to morgan. We played "Drink Master" in the hostel and did a pub crawl that night and danced with some foreigners.

Later, Beau insisted on getting BK, but settled for McDonald's. As we are walking in, some sketchball came up and was like "AYEE, you want some coke?! I got some real good stuff, you can try it right now before you buy!" uhh NO? thanks anyway...

PLANKING. for those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, it consists of laying flat arms by your side or superman style and taking pictures of it in random places.. aka hilaaarious. you should get a kick out of the pictures. Ironically, we ran into some Australians (the creators of this game) who were also planking!!

Well, that's the end of part I, we'll keep you posted on London Part II later :)

P.S. WE LOVE OUR LITTLE SISTER JENA :) she's been faithfully checking our blog every day and waiting for us to post. Sorry we kept you waiting! MISS YOU! <3 Our lack of communication freaked our parents out...but more on that later ;)

first planking attempt: FAIL.


my "first beer"

outside the pubs.



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  1. I feel like planking might be a good way to break a jaw. Just a thought.
    -Anonymous (although if you can't figure it out, we're probably not friends anymore.)