Wednesday, June 29, 2011

my need to post pictures finally overcame my laziness.

jackie, anthony, melika, and heidi on the river

fab five doing it big on the river
thomas, jackie, heidi, anthony, cayla

blanca, the beautiful and super smart 2 year old we live with
we love her.

so so so so delicious, one of the best dishes i´ve had in spain.

flamenco show en una cueva

alex, jackie, heidi, cayla
overlookign the alhambra at night!

cayla and thomas
just having fun :)

paco, fran, heidi
at the botellón on her birthday!

the alhambra by day

the alhambra by night

crazy spanish people we met in granada...
an orgasmo is a drink by the way (so, so delicious)
a drink and a tapa for only 2 euro!

blanca and cayla
flamenco dancing in the living room!

heidi falling off of the cliff in portugal
just kidding :)

sunset in portugal

the beach in portugal, so beautiful
sitting on the cliff in portugal

more to come! we've already taken over a thousand pictures

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