Wednesday, June 15, 2011


thought we would finally treat our great followers with some pictures of our adventures. i will be sure to post more, but there are the ones i could get on right now! love you and miss you all.

on a cliff in portugal watching the sunset

laying next to our rooftop pool in lagos after a day at the beach

la alhambra!

in granada

on the sangria boat checking out the grottos and seeing a pack of wild dolphins, no big deal :)
- yes, heidi has an alcoholic drink in her hand. cheers to the EU!

on the cliff!

night out in Sevilla with new friends

out on calle betis! side note: while we were at this bar, these two guys got into a huge fight next to heidi and me and got thrown out of the bar, where they continued to punch each other. it was crazy!

waiting for the flamenco show

checking out the sites in Sevilla!

hopefully I will post again later today about more our adventures in Sevilla. we are loving  of the most amazing cities i have ever been in.

love, your favorite asian sisters!

ps- jena and mom, since you guys skyped us with those FHs, you better be sending us some!! :) just joking, of course.

pss- to all our friends in omaha, hope the CWS is awesome this year!!

psss- to all of our european readers, heidi and i tried doner kebab for the first time in europe. um, so. amazing. so, to those we are visiting in Italy, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands, please have some ready for us!!!

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