Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Do you live in Portuguese?

So, if you had the choice, would you be in class with an air conditioner that doesn't work or at the beach swimming in the ocean and getting tan?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

So with this in mind, Heidi and I decided to skip a Friday of class and go to Lagos, Portugal with this group called DiscoverSevilla. Let me tell you, it was the best decision we have made this whole trip. We left Friday afternoon around 3 PM and took a bus. We went with a smaller group- there was probably about 25 of us from the program. It's about 3 hours because we stopped, so we got to the hotel around 6 with time to get settled...we roomed in 4 bed room with our friends Jackie and Thomas. At 8, we went to go see the sunset at "the end of the world", this lookout point (aka a cliff) where people thought the world ended before they knew the world was round. It was so beautiful, so unbelievably amazing. It is literally one of the top five images I have ever seen in my life. It was so cold where we were and we both forgot to bring jackets so that was a little uncomfortable (aka stupid on our part) but it was so worth it.

That night we went to this amazing burger place called Na Na something and it was SO delicious! And it was right in the middle of the downtown area, so we went to some bars there. But we were kind of tired from the night before so we headed back to our hotel kind of early where Jackie and Thomas decided to be scientists and spent around 3 hours working on an experiment (fail)...although it was definitely entertaining.

The next morning we got up and headed out to a sangria boat, where we cruised around, drank sangria, and went into the little mini coves in the cliffs, which was so fun! You would think that boats and drinking do not really mix, but they do! When it's sangria, anyway. We played music, danced on the deck, and jumped into the ocean. So salty! You could literally feel the salt on your body...very odd. BUT the highlight of the boat ride was when we were heading back and we saw a pack of dolphins in the water! They said that it has never happened before, ¡qué suerte! Luckily one of our tour guides had a camera on him (I didn't bring a camera in case it got wet) and was able to videorecord them! So we will try to post that sometime.

Then we just spent the next couple of days at the beach, getting tan and swimming. There were no waves at the beach we were at, which was kind of surprising! But the water was pristine and the views were so amazing. You would'nt belive how hot the sand gets though! My feet were toasted. We played some games at the beach and unfortunately, I broke one of my was pretty terrible. I was limping (yes, I was being a baby). But you know what helps that? A little bit of alcohol! Of course we went out and experienced some night life in Lagos, súper chulo! Because it is kind of a tourist town, there were a ton of different types of people there so it was easy to find people who spoke Spanish and English.

To keep the code of "what happens in Europe, stays in Europe", I won't tell any stories, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to give you a little taste... one of my friends may or may not have thought that a dog was walking on water (Jesus style), when really it was just walking in the water, and he/she may or may not have tried to call it, yelling "Jack Russell, Jack Russell" and then ran away because apparently it "caught a fish" in the water. Or maybe one of my friends had a conversation in Portuguese with several Portuguese people although he/she doesn't speak Portuguese and maybe asked a cab driver "do you live in Portuguese", then proceeding to sing Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears on the way back, apparently impersonating Lady Gaga at the same time...yes, Europeans obvi love us.

Next stop: Cádiz and some more of Sevilla!

Note: One thing I am really missing is cold milk. Everywhere we have traveled has had warm milk with cereal, hot milk with dinner, YUCK. This is the girl that drinks milk with every dinner, and lots of it. Cannot wait to get home to have a nice, juicy steak with cold milk, mashed potatoes, and some corn on the cob (hint hint Mom and Dad)!

Also, shout out to our sister Jena, thanks for the postcard, it was so cute...we miss Fillenwarth! and you too, of course :)

Love you all!

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